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in the country with twice as many patents as the runner-up, austin, texas. >>> a warning for parents tonight about a new game involving teens and salt and why the combination can be so dangerous. >>> and the latest on the miserable conditions for millions along the east coast. >>> and big news from the medical world, a major drugmaker under fire for promoting medicine for unapproved uses. we'll tell you about the prescriptions involved coming up. >>> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri. not a bad way to start off the workweek with a mix of son and clouds. the fog building back at the coastline at this hour bringing us slightly warmer weather in the south bay for tuesday with plenty of mid-80s. full details in your seven-day and fourth of july and here's a >>> be grateful for the bay area breeze because most of the country is suffering intolerable heat and millions are doing it without air conditioning because to add insult to injury, the power's also out. from the midwest to the atlantic coast, temperatures are pushing 100 degrees. some employers are giving their workers a day off because i
including california, new york and texas have laws prohibiting merchants from passing them along, and the big chain stores may not pass along the surcharge, but for small business owners who don't have the same bargaining power, swipe fees add up. >> i feel really apprehensive about approaching them for picking that up. the bottom line is to keep people coming in and keep them happy and to be able to keep doing what i am doing because i love it. >> business owners looking at a different bottom line. >>> still to come at 5:00, we will take you behind the scenes of one of the most memorable car chases in movie history, and how one gained total access the making of that movie. >>> driving around san francisco, it's hard not to think about the famous car chase that came alive in the streets of san francisco and one of the most wrerecognizable film. we spoke to a man with a unique view of the famous production. >> steve mcqueen racing through the streets of san francisco, and it's one of the few occasions you will see somebody make a left turn this hill, and come out on a different hi
their security measures referred me to their corporate office in texas, in which case, my calls have not been returned. as for amc theatres, their voice mail has been full all day long. >> thank you. >>> while the cinemark movie theatre released this statement, we are deeply saddened, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families and loved ones and warner brother, who made the movie, released this statement saying quote, warner brothers is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. we extend our sincere se sympathies. >> 13 years ago and less than 20 miles away was another dark day for colorado and the country. this movie theatre in aurora is just down the road from littleton, the site of the bloody columbine high school massacre. i was there that day and stayed in denver that week covering the story. 13 people died .d the way the country deals with security. >> back then, witnesses of the columbine tranl tragedy shared their stories with tv crews, this time, giving the world an almost realtime glimpse of the cha chaos. one denver woman tweeted, shots fireded in the thea
character george jefferson has died at his home in el paso, texas. you remember -- you might remember he introduced the character on the show "all in the family" where he famously sparred with archie bunker. in 1975, his character, george jefferson, was spun off into a new show called "the jeffersons." it was hilarious. he also starred in the nbc series "amen" for several years. he and his co-star reprized the role on tv shows such as "the fresh prince of bel air" and many commercials as well. >>> well, america's most famous yachting race is trading sails for rails. 120 cars pulled into san francisco's pier 80 today carrying high tech yachts and supplies. cargo is for the americas cup world series which will take place in the bay in late august. the race is a tune-up for the big 2013 americas cup yacht race. the equipment arriving from recent races in rhode island. race organizers say they were able to cut 30% in carbon emissions by sending it by rail instead of ship. we'll be right back. >>> okay. here's a delicious use of silicon valley technology. locally made supercomputers being use
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4